Senior Pet Care

Pets are members of the family. Like their human counterparts as they age, care requires change. With good nutrition and regular visits to the vet for routine exams, you can expect to enjoy many years with your furry friends. If you are looking for a veterinarian in Largo, FL, Midway Animal Hospital offers all the services your pets need when they age.

When Are Pets Considered as a Senior

In order to know when your pets are considered a senior, a lot depends on a couple of things. The first consideration is the type of pet that you have. Then, pet size is considered. Large dogs tend to age faster than smaller dogs. For large dogs, senior years can begin at age five, and in small dogs at age ten. Cats are considered seniors between the age of seven and ten.

Signs of Aging

The signs of aging in pets are much the same as it is in humans. You may notice that your pets are less active, which can result in obesity. They may get arthritis, which can cause difficulty getting around. They may have difficulty urinating and may become incontinent. These are things that can happen, but with the proper care, you can make sure that you and your pets enjoy many happy years.

Proper Nutrition

Looking for food that meets the needs of your senior dogs is important to maintaining their health as they age. Discuss with your veterinarian at your regular visits and follow their advice on the proper food choice. Your pets need to maintain a healthy weight and especially if they are suffering from any joint issues. Consider adding fatty acids like EPA and DHA or a supplement that contains glucosamine or chondroitin into their diet, which has shown to be beneficial to both cats and dogs.

Dental Care

One area that is often overlooked is dental care. Both cats and dogs can develop issues with their teeth and gums that can be detrimental to their overall health. Regular dental exams should be part of the overall care and provided by your veterinary professionals. Neglecting this can lead to severe consequences and a shortening of life.

Regular Veterinary Care

Your pets need to be seen at least twice a year, and of course, kept up-to-date on all their regular vaccinations. The best way to keep your pets young and healthy even in their senior years is to be proactive in their care.

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