Pet Nutrition

Whether you are adding a new pet to your family, or your pet has been part of your family for years, pet nutrition should be at the forefront of your mind. At Midway Animal Hospital, our Largo vet can help you determine your pet’s individual nutrition needs.

Each Life Stage Has Different Needs

With a simple trip to the pet store, pet owners notice that there are many different pet foods available and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Puppies and kittens need food that is higher in fat, calories, and calcium as they are in their growing stages. Formulas change for young dogs and cats, and again as there are specialized formulas for senior pets. Knowing when to switch your pet between foods based on their life stage can be confusing. Our veterinarian in Largo can help guide you through the nutritional needs of your pet as they age.

Why Nutritional Needs Change as Health Changes

As a pet starts to develop health issues, our Largo veterinarian may have more specific recommendations when it comes to pet diet. There are a variety of formulas available to help tackle issues such as obesity, hairball issues in cats, or sensitive stomachs. Some pets require more protein than others or may need food that addresses possible allergies.

Your pet’s food should be formulated for your pet, and they should not simply eat what you eat. Many “people” foods are toxic to dogs and cats, and any amount of “table scraps” given should be monitored carefully in order to prevent pet obesity since the calorie requirement for cats and dogs are far lower than what a human needs.

Assessing Pet Nutrition

While pet owners intend to do what is best for their pet’s nutritional needs, there are a lot of mixed messages out there on how to handle the changing needs of a pet diet. Our veterinarians provide pet nutritional counseling and can address all of your pet’s health care needs, including their regular wellness exams, diagnostic blood work or urinalysis, as well as x-rays or other diagnostics.

For your convenience, we also offer mobile vet services for Largo, Dunning, St. Petersburg, and Seminole, and the surrounding areas. If extra care is needed, we are able to transport your pet to Midway Animal Hospital to complete their care.

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