Pet Microchipping

At the Midway Animal Hospital, serving Largo, Clearwater, Seminole, Dunning, St. Petersburg, and surrounding Florida communities, our veterinary staff is proud to provide pet microchipping in Largo. Pet parents who’ve decided to provide this service for their animal gain important peace of mind, and we’d be happy to help you learn more about it.

Our Largo Veterinarian Team Explains Pet Microchipping

Contrary to popular belief, a microchip isn’t a GPS tracking system. It’s a small implantable device about the size of a grain of rice and digitally stores a unique identification number. When this device is activated by a microchip reader (a wand-like device that a Largo veterinarian can wave over a recovered animal), an alert will be sent to the microchip registry which confidentially stores your updated contact information (linked to your pet’s unique microchip ID number). The registry can then get in touch with you to let you know your pet has been found!

The Benefits of Largo Pet Microchipping

Thousands of animals (dogs, cats, even horses and other farm animals) are lost every year in the United States. Sadly, many of these animals are never reunited with their human families—even if they are found and turned in to a shelter or animal control facility.

A microchip is like an affordable and set-it-and-forget-it insurance policy that helps increase the likelihood of your animal being returned to you if it becomes lost. According to studies done by organizations like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, displaced pets who are microchipped are generally far more likely to be reunited with their owners.

Unlike collars, microchips can’t fall off, so they effectively function as a permanent ID tag.

How a Vet in Largo Performs a Microchipping Implantation

A veterinarian in Largo FL can perform a pet microchip implantation during a simple office visit at our clinic. Using a large-gauge hypodermic needle, the microchip is inserted into the subcutaneous tissue somewhere in your pet’s body (often around the shoulders). Our Largo mobile vet staff can also perform this procedure while your animal is already under anesthesia for a dental cleaning or some other reason.

Pet microchips are virtually side-effect free and long-lasting.

Have You Decided to Have Your Cat or Dog Microchipped?

If you and your family have made the decision to have your cat or dog microchipped and you’re looking for a Largo vet who can provide the service, contact Midway Animal Hospital. Our pet microchipping vet team would be happy to help get your animal companion sorted for this and all its other health needs. Call us now at 727-391-9928 and be sure to ask us about our mobile veterinarian crew, providing quality care on the move!