Pet Vaccinations

Our veterinarian in Largo FL believes that pet vaccines in Seminole, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Dunning and the surrounding communities are one of the most loving efforts animal lovers can make when it comes to protecting their furry friends. These core and non-core vaccinations can help your pet live a disease free life, so they can be your best buddies for years to come. We believe that vaccinations are so important, that we make getting them easy as a mobile veterinarian in Largo. That’s right, we’ll come right to your home.

The Importance of Pet Vaccines in Seminole and Largo

Puppies and kittens receive valuable antibodies in utero and from their mother’s milk that helps promote their body’s natural resistance for the first few weeks of their life. However, once they are weaned, their access to these life-saving antibodies dissipate, which is where pet vaccines in Seminole come to the rescue. We’d like to see your pet from four to six weeks of age for initial pet vaccinations in Largo, they’ll need to return monthly for four consecutive sessions of booster shots before switching to an annual routine. Many worry about the safety and efficacy of vaccines like rabies and canine influenza. However, vaccines simply are replicants of the diseases designed to jump-start your pet’s immunity to those specific pathogens.

Core and Non-Core Vaccinations

Our veterinarian in Largo FL highly recommends that all pet owners consider the bare minimum core vaccinations for their cats and dogs, especially the rabies vaccine which is mandatory by law. However, other core vaccines can typically be administered in one combination vaccine that will protect them from the most common and life-threatening conditions. Non-core vaccinations may be recommended by our in-office or mobile veterinarian in Largo depending on your pet’s lifestyles such as frequent grooming or boarding services.

Dog Vaccines

Core vaccines for dogs include rabies, parvovirus, canine adenovirus, and distemper, with the latter three being administered in a combination injection. If you have multiple pets or groom or board them regularly, you’ll want a non-core bordetella bronchiseptica (a kennel cough) vaccine. Canine influenza has recently grown to become a far more common contagious dog virus, so we recommend the canine influenza vaccination as well.

Cat Vaccines

Our veterinarian in Largo recommends that cats receive a core vaccination that protects from feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus, and feline panleukopenia in addition to getting a rabies vaccination. Non-core vaccines that cats may benefit from including feline HIV and chlamydophilia felis, especially in multi-cat households or those who board pets often.

Contact Midway Animal Hospital for Pet Vaccination in Largo FL

Give your pet the preventive health care they need with a solid vaccination schedule, and we’ll also provide you with a comprehensive pet examination. Remember, you can come to us or we can send our mobile vet to you.

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