Mobile Veterinary Services

Due to COVID, there are a number of changes to procedures and availability. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Midway Mobile Veterinary Services: Veterinary House Calls in Largo, Seminole, & St. Petersburg


Midway Mobile Veterinary services we can provide you with pet healthcare in your home. We provide in-house treatment for pets that live within a 10 mile radius of Midway Animal Hospital in Seminole, Florida. As a mobile service, we will provide pet owners the convenience of home vet care. Learn more about what you can expect when choosing Midway Mobile Veterinary Services for your house-call veterinarian at 727-386-2388.

Benefits of Veterinary House Calls

In many situations the need for a mobile veterinary clinic is obvious: those that are homebound, those without transportation and owners of a large dog that cannot get in and out of the car. Additionally, although many dogs like going for a ride in the car, some become anxious and even car sick when travelling. Cats are not fond of travel either. Midway Mobile Veterinary Services can bring the veterinary clinic to you.

Imagine the stress that could be avoided for your pet if they could wait for the appointment in the comfort of their own home instead of a waiting room full of other animals. Some animals are not social and become fearful around other animals or may act aggressively toward other pets.

In addition to the social aspect, there is the health aspect. In a crowded waiting room there are likely to be sick pets that may have contagious diseases. This is especially risky for pets whose immune system may be compromised by disease or are very young or geriatric.

Available At-Home Vet Services

Midway Mobile Veterinary Services provides preventative care including pet immunizations, routine wellness exams, flea control and parasite prevention. In addition to wellness exams we are also able to care for ill or injured animals provided they are not on an emergency basis. Emergencies should still call their local emergency vet. We are equipped with a diagnostic lab capable of performing diagnostic blood work, fecal exams, urinalysis and cytology.

If your pet needs more extensive services requiring anesthesia such as dental work and surgery, we can do the evaluation and the pre-anesthetic blood work at your home.

Contact Our Mobile Vet

If you want to join our growing clientele and benefit from veterinary house calls, we welcome you to call Midway Mobile Veterinary Services at 727-386-2388 to set up a time for us to come to your pets.