COVID-19 Notice

Limited Client Access for Social Distancing Due to COVID19 Protocols Effective 7/1/21

Clients will continue to call from the parking lot upon arrival. Those who wish to come in with their pet for the exam will be told to come into the lobby or escorted in by a staff member.

Clients picking up medication/food/supplies will still be using our curbside services in an effort to avoid overcrowding in the lobby.

Clients who wish to come inside with their pet for appointments need to understand and adhere to these new guidelines:

  • Masks must be worn while indoors or interacting with staff anywhere. This includes clients who are vaccinated. Masks must cover the nose and mouth at all times. Hand sanitizer will be provided after entering the building.
  • Only one person will be brought in with the pet for the appointment.
    • Clients here for end-of-life care may have two people come in with pet.
  • When in the waiting room, the client is required to stay seated in the designated seating area as directed by staff to allow for social distancing until they are ready to be called into the exam room.
    • If the waiting room is at capacity, clients will be asked to wait in their vehicle until seating/exam room becomes available.
  • Once in the exam room, the client is required to stay seated on the bench in the room to help promote a safe social distancing.
  • Clients will be charged out in the exam room and then be directed to the exit by staff once everything is completed.

Clients that would still prefer to use our curbside service for appointment are free to do so and will continue to follow the guidelines previously in place.